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                                       I hunt down the "Best of the Best" sites online today!                                                                                               

2 Cool Baby (Articles/Download/Family fun/Freebies/Links/News)

3D Insects (Science)

AArising(Asian Pacific American entertainment resource)

About.com (Multi)

Address (Free Internet Access/Search)

Add URL Free (Add url/Internet directory)

Alexa (Search)

Alleba (Search)

All the Web (Search)

Alta Vista (Multi/Search)

American Folklore (Folklore/Myths & legends/Stories)

Amusement Today(Golden Ticket Awards) (Awards/News/Photos/Reviews)

Ananova(UK) (Entertainment/News/TV/Video)

Ancient Man (Education)

Angelfire(Zones) (Anime/Build/Celebs/Games/Movies/Music/Sports/Style)

Animal Den (Gift shop)

Answers (Search and more)

APB News (Crime News)

Arcamax (Books/Comics/Games/Lifestyle/Newsletter/Sports/Toolbar)

Ask (Search)

AskLeo! (Tech help)

Ask Men (Celeb/Contest/Dating/Fashion & Lifestyle/Links/Sports)

Azoos (Search)

Backpack It (Save online-Files,Ideas,Photos,To-Dos and set reminders)

Backwash (Links/Newsletters/Search)

Bartleby (Free online books)

Battlefield:Vietnam(PBS) (Educational)

Bessed (Comment or suggest a site/Links/Search)

Blink (Search)

Bloody Finger Mail (Free E-Mail)

Blow Search (Search/Webmaster Resources)

BOMC2 (Book club)

Bomis (E-Mail/Search)

Bored (Free Email and Webpage/Games/Jokes/Links/Movie Reviews/Radio)

Boricua(Puerto Rico)(Chat/Email/Forums/Jokes/Store)

British Expat (Entertainment/News/People)

Center for men's health (Men's sexual health care)

Chow (Drinks/Food/Fun/Stories/Videos)

Claymont (Search)

Cool Site of the Day (Links)

Cornelia Funke (Author)

Daily 1 (Entertainment/Humor/Music/News/Screensaver/Sports/Wallpaper)

Del.icio.us (Browse,Keep,Share-Books,Links,Music)

Devil (Occult,Spells)

Dialspace (Links/Search)


Did You Know? (Facts/Games/History/Jokes/Riddles/Sports)

Diigo (Bookmark,Sticky notes)

Ditto (Visual Search)

DMOZ (Open directory/Search)

Dog Pile (Search)

Earth from Space (Education)

Ecards Addict (Ecards/E-Mail/Greetings/Humor Links/Search)

E Diets (Diets/Fitness/Store)

Encarta (Research)

Entire Web (E-Mail/Search)

Epicurious (Food/Recipes/Shop)

Euroseek (Multi/Search)

eWebsite (Site builder)

Exact Seek (Email,Search,Start page)

Excite (Multi/Search)

Fabaroo (Internet directory)

Famous Freaks(Faqs Forum Games Links Movies Music News Pics)

Feed Blitz (Blog mail service)

Findology (Entertainment/Search/Sports)

Fix-8(UK) (Internet directory)

Free Advice (Free Legal Info)

Free Email Adress Directory

Free Spy (Email/Free stuff/Search)

Frety (Links to Art,Games,Music,Tech,TV)

Galaxy (Newsletter/Search)

General Chemistry Online (Educational)

Get Body Smart (Human Anatomy and Physiology)

Ghost Study (Cams Gallery Links Stories Tips)

Giga Blast (Search)

Girl Sense (Artzone/Comics/Email/Games/Homepage/Send'Ems)

Go (Was Info Seek)(Multi/Search)

Go Click (Multi/Search)

Goo (Japanese portal and search)

Google (Multi/Search)

Guinness Book of World Records

Gullible Info (Faqs Newsletter Trivia)

Harleys Hahn's List of 25 things to do when you should be working! (Links)

Health and Age (Alternative Medicine/Articles/News/Q&A)

History Now (Education)

Hooters-Restaurants (Locations/Menu/Photos)

Horror Find (Search for Halloween and Horror)

HotBot (Search)


How to Get Rid of Things (Educational)

iBoogie (Search)

Incredimail (Download/E-Mail)

Info Space (Multi/Search)

Inner Body (Education/Science)

Internet Archive (Digital Library of Internet Sites)

Intute:Science,Engineering & Technology (Education)

IQ Seek (Add url,Search,Website promotion and traffic)

iVillage (Beauty,fitness,food,health,love)

Japander (Celeb commercials)

Japan Zone (Fashion/Games/News/Travel Guide)

Jayde Mail (E-Mail/Free Newsletters)

Jelly Belly (Buy candy)

Joe Ant (Blogs,Games,Search)

Jump Force (Email/Search)

KaaZoo (Search)

Kick Me.To (Free Short URL and Home Page)

Latin Connections (Events)

Law (Legal Advice)

Life Tips (Links/Search)

LingvoSoft Online (Free online translation services/Dictionary/English grammer/Flash cards/Phrase book/Thesaurus)

Linky Dinky (35 Facts/Education/Humor)

Lycos (Multi/Search)

Lycos(UK) (Chat Email Entertainment Hosting Search)

Mamma (Search)

Map Quest (Directions/Maps)

Melvista (Video search)

MLive (Everything Michigan)

Mom Shack (Chat/Crafts/Join Free/Prizes/Recipes)

Monster Moving (Moving Guide)

Monstrous (Faqs Forum Games Links Movies Music News Pics)

MSN UK (Microsoft UK)

My Computer Club (Buy Computers/Furniture/Software)

My Paisan (Everything Italian)

My Prime Time (Health/Money/Shop/Work)

Netscape(Now AOL) (Browser/Cams/Cartoons/E-Mail/Movies/Radio/Screensavers/Sports)

Netster (Finance/News/Search/Weather)

Northern Light (Search)

Open Here (E-Mail/Movies/Music/Search)

Pagan News (Articles Herbs Readings Rune Spells)

Palaeos:The trace of life on earth (Education)

Party 411 (Planning a Party/Shop)

Pegasus Mail (Free Email Download)

Phone Numbers (World Wide Phone Numbers)

Prime Find (Search for prime office space)

Propeller(AOL) (Games/Health/Humor/News/Pics/Puzzles/Sports)

Project Gutenberg (Free online books)

RefDesk (Facts/Fun/Links/News/Search/Site,Thought and Word of the Day)

Real Age (Health)

Retro Crush (Celeb and Model Pic Series/Humor/Links/Vote)

Riot (Search)

Ripley's Believe it or Not! (Museum)

Scandoo (Plugin/Search)

Scrub the Web (Search)

S.D.McKee (SI-FI flash story)

Search a Lot (E-Mail/Search/Weather/Web Pages)

Search/Cnet (Search)

Search Cactus (Games/Movies/News/Search/TV)

Search Engine Guide (Learn to Search)

Search Engine Watch (Search)

Search Hippo (Search)

Search Monster (Search/Webmaster resources)

Search Port (Search)

Second Power (Search)

Shutter Stock (Buy photos)

Snap Shot (Downloads)

Snopes (Rumors/Urban legends)

Snopes(Horror) (Stories/Urban legends)

So You Wanna? (How To)

Space (Education)

Space Buffs (Discussion/Links/News/Search)

Space Daily (Space Portal)

Spedia (Games/Paid to Surf/Shop)

Splat Search (E-Mail/Search)

Spooky Boutique (Gothic accessories and clothing)

Spy Mail (E-Mail/Gadgets)

Strange Facts (Facts/Fears/Laws)

Strange Wondrous (Search for quotations)

Start4All Modern Ruins (Links/Search)

Start Easy (Search)

Starware (Toolbar download)

Sunsilk Gang of Girls (Blog/Contests/Games/Jobs/Makeover)

Supermodels Online (Bios/Links/Pics)

Talent Box (Links to-Actors/Articles/Bands/Books/Dancers/Magazines/Models/Photographers/Singers)

Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce

TampaGov (Official Tampa,Fl site)

Tampa Bay Latino (Community/Employment/Events)

Terra Server USA (Address Search/Famous Places)

The Archaeology Channel (Watch Historical Videos)

The Free Site (The best freebies online)

The Magic of Alexander (Forum Free tricks Store)

The Nine Planets (Educational)

The Nostradamus Society of America (Historical)

The Official Ninja Web Page (All About Ninjas)

The Planetary Society (Education)

The Roaring Twenties:A Historical Snapshot of Life in the 1920's


The Superficial (Celebs Pics Stories)

The Webby Awards (International Honer for Achievement in Technology and Creativity)

The Weird Site (Facts/Links/News)

The World News Network(Several Sites in One!) (Business/Entertainment/News/Science/Sports)

Time and Date (Web Resource)

Timelines of History (Educational)

Time Out (Nite Life Guide)

Today in History (Education)

Tripandpinga (Chat/Entertainment/Games/Humor/Links/Love/Personals)

TvB (Asian portal)

UExpress (Advice/Opinions)

Ulimit (Free domain name,Email forwarding,Web redirection)

UNRV History (Everything Roman Empire-Books/Maps/Shop)

Vivisimo (Search Engine)

Weather (Check the Weather)

Web Crawler (Search)

Web File (E-Mail/News/Search/Shop/Stocks/Weather)

Webmaster Search Engine (Design/Host/Make Money/Promotion/Services)

WebMD (Health and Medicine)

WhatUseek (Search)

Wikipedia (Culture-Fine Arts/Encyclopedia/News)

Wild Mood Swings (Surf by your Moods)

Winghouse (Restaurant)

Wise Geek (Art Cars Health Music PC Sports Tech-Help)

Women's Forum (Entertainment/Fashion/Fitness/Food/Games)

World Share (E-Mail/Internet Access/News/Search/Weather)

World Time Zones (Currency and time)

WWW (Chat/E-Mail/Games/News/Search/Site of the Day/Weather)

Yahoo (Multi/Search)

Yootsa (Search)

Yourminis (Widgets)

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